Fair and Play

Fair Play Fantplay11 


Playing Fair is providing equal opportunities and a platform to all users on Fantplay11. The following guidelines and policy will help you to understand the legitimacy of Fantplay11


How does it work for Fantplay11?


Under our fair policy, we believe in transparency, equal opportunity, and Accountability for all those who show their trust in us. 


Equal Opportunity

  • All the users get the same credits to start their game on Fantplay11

  • One rule and regulation for all

  • All the users have to submit teams before the deadline

  • Everyone has access to the stats of competing after the match begins

  • Unbiased winner declaration



  • All personal and payment details are confidential; used for the legal verification process. 

  • Leaderboard and stats can be accessed by all participants

  • Deadlines are the same for all

  • Fantplay11 employees are not allowed to play public or paid contest



  • If anything goes wrong, the platform looks after it and resolve asap

  • Responsible for all safe and secure transactions.

  • Provide 24*7 support to resolve the user problems.



  • Referring accounts should be genuine and not fake accounts to enjoy the “Refer & Earn” cash bonus amount. 

  • The PAN Card of all referred friends should be verified.

  • No user is allowed to have more than one account on Fantplay11

  • One can not withdraw winnings illegally. 

  • Submission of fake copies and identities will be considered a violation of Fair Policy.

  • A user has to verify the multiple accounts on the same device by verifying PAN card, mobile, email, and bank account details.


Penalties for the Violation of Fair Play Policy 

  • Finding the violation of Fair Policy by any account will be blocked

Based on the seriousness of the violation, the amount of user accounts will be reduced to zero.